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No magical ponies here. This is supposedly a one-shot game that might grow into multiple sessions, in the Silhouette system involving College Co-eds, a Cabin in the Woods, and an unknown but imminent Zombie Outbreak.

Because a few of my telegraphed Zombie Apocalypse games usually results with Ahnald Schwarzenegger, Chuck Norris, and Chow Yun Fat in the roster, I have homebrewed an Archetype system, casting certain roles for the players to get into and limiting the gun bunnies and ubersoldats.

Right now it is all in planning. I don’t forsee this game getting played until the Autumn of 2013, here in Vegas, but I hope to have this fall near Halloween.

We have gone live as of 20OCT2013. The first game went well and will be coming back together next Sunday the 27th for more.

Please take a look at the The Introduction Scenario

Friendship is Survival

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