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Welcome to Zombie Outbreak: Friendship is Survival!

This is the push-around game for Silhouette rules to get everyone comfortable with the relatively simple D6 based system. I personally like it for many of my non-Linear role playing games because of its simplicity and adaptability.

Here we will keep the essentials, so that one does not need to buy any Core Books for a simple one-shot game.

The Introduction Scenario

Here you will find a short summary of the situation your characters will be placed in prior to the Zombie Outbreak.

The Archetypes

Generally, Silhouette allows a pretty wide array of characters to be made. However in this particular one-shot game, I’d like to think of each player playing an Archetypal Character in a Horror Movie. Inside that stereotype, you can vary your build as you choose. There is nothing stopping The Cheerleader from being a martial artist or The Metrosexual from being a decent gunslinger.

Don’t worry too much about game balance. Just pick a role you feel comfortable with, since I will NPC the Archetypes that no one else chooses.

Making a New Character

Exactly as it says on the tin. The general rules for Abilities, Skills, Perks, and Flaws can be found here. I will give some pointers, but if you have questions, please email me.

General Rules

How things work will be in here. Combat resolution, Social Interaction, and whatnot can be found in all its boring entirety.

Main Page

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