Making a New Character

After choosing an Archetype to serve as a Concept, feel free to build your character in any way you want. Just because you chose The Scholar as your concept doesn’t mean you have to be a really good one… though, your team mates might wish you were when the game comes down to the wire.

First Things First

Print this Generic Character Sheet out. Then click on the following links below to start making your character.


These are your “Stats” that your character comes to the table with before any learned skills. Attributes add pips to your D6 rolls and while they cannot save you from rolling a critical fumble (a “1”), they can help you increase your Margin of Success against your situation or adversary.

You get 30 Character Points, regardless of any Archetypes you choose.


Skills are really what makes your character special. You can have the best stats in the world but if you are unskilled in what you need to do, you won’t ever be doing it well. Don’t worry though, the skills in this game are very broad and sometimes abstract so you won’t kill yourself doing the most pedestrian things.

If you’re the Older Adults like the Professor or the Park Ranger, you get 50 Skill Points because of their experiences and studies. Otherwise, the College kids get 30 Skill Points.

Secondary Attributes

These are derived from both your Main Attributes and Skills. Here you will find out how many resilient you are to damage, how much damage you can inflict on others, and how strong or healthy you are.

Perks and Flaws

This gives flavor to the game, however I have found it can break it just as often as not. Because of this, you are limited to only a handful of Perks and Flaws If you don’t want to take Flaws, then all the better. I tend to remember Flaws and torture bad choices. Its really bad when you are more afraid of the spiders in the tool shed you’re hiding in instead of the zombies outside… fail your Willpower roll and you’ll be running into whatever the horror movie equivalent of a Darwin Award is.

Each character gets 10 points of Perks and up to 10 Points in Flaws (to add to a maximum of 20 points in Perks).

“Free” Perks and Flaws given by Archetypes are not counted in these limits.


The tools of the trade. Don’t be expecting +1’s to any skill sets in this game system. While the occasional weapon might be better at sniping or parrying than another, everything is kept very abstract in this system, making it a RP-based interaction game rather than a DnD/WoW-ish Loot Fest. So no Purples… or even Greens for that matter…

Emergency Dice, “Edge”, and other House Rules

This is where the GM lets you fudge a little. Emergency Dice add more dice a single roll and Edge is like it is in Shadowrun, you get to force a reroll. There are some other things I err on the side of caution for in the Players benefit.

This is where the College Kids get a little more than the Older Adults. College Kid Archetypes get 10 Emergency Dice and 5 Edge, while the Older Adults get only 3 Emergency Dice and 2 Edge.

Is this too much?

If all of this is all too involved for you, simply look at the Characters tab. You will find Ready-made NPC’s, I will be running the NPC Archetypes that no one chooses for their own, but you can either use them as a basis, or simply use the pre-made Character.

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Making a New Character

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