The Archetypes

Think of it as a Casting Call. You can pretty much make any sort of character you want, but you need to play a shallow role on the cast. Not everyone will be the young John Rambo. Older Archetypes will have more Skills as a reflection of their investment of experience over the years, but might have also picked up some Flaws. Younger Archetypes won’t have so many skills perfected, but they will have a healthy dose of Emergency Dice to help them squeak by in a pinch, like young whippersnappers are expected to do.

So what does an Archetype entail? It simply gives the player a “role” to play and gives some benefits to choosing that particular role. Each Archetype has its Required High Stat (or other stats) that needs to be placed in a particular Attribute, kind of like D&D’s Prestige classes. In return, the Archetype gives extra skills for free and a Unique Perk.

Firearms Skill Limitations

With the exception of The Park Ranger and The Country Hick, no one can buy Firearms 3 or higher. These two may purchase (and should) their Firearms to 3+. All other archetypes are capped at Firearms 2 if they purchase it at all.

The Professor

The Lynchpin and benefactor of the group. He or she will be older than everyone else, with the most amount of skills, but definitely won’t be Front Line material.

The Athlete

The Athlete can be easily male or female. He or She will have a good Physical Ability and Skill, but limited scholarly input.

The Scholar

Quite the Antithesis to the Jock, the Scholar is second only to the Professor in the scholarly arts, but possibly the worst in the physical realm.

The Cheerleader

Not literally a cheerleader unless you deem it so. This archetype is the typically female, but possibly just a happy fool (i.e. Shaggy in Scooby Doo) who will possibly be the happiest (and by this game mechanics, luckiest) person in the group and the soul of the party.

The Goth

The polar opposite of the cheerleader and the counterbalance to the Virtuous One of some sorts, the Goth is an amalgamation of bad karma and eerie insight. The Perks might make playing this downer of a character some fun.

The Virtuous One

Typically the “Virgin” trope of the horror movie staple, this Archetype has a few perks concerning their sanctity and possibly even their Faith in a higher power.

The Metrosexual

Fashionista, Fair of Face, or just Fap Material, the Metrosexual is the embodiment of every thing hot and trendy. Boy or Girl, this person can be either the clothing model or the clothier, but certainly knows how to strut their stuff. An emphasis in Charisma means this person might be doing all the smooth talking for the group.

The Country Hick

Male or Female, this country kid isn’t at all comfortable in the Big City. He or She jumped at the chance to get into their element with this outing and can’t wait to get their boots dirty.

The Park Ranger

The only other older character in the scenario. This one isn’t immediately involved in the story, and can be reserved for a latecomer, but generally considered an NPC. Seriously, don’t choose this character. Someone will be chosen for it, if need be.

Whoa, that’s a lot of characters!

Don’t worry, whichever you folks don’t choose will be NPC’ed by me. Take a gander at their respective builds in the Characters area. It might even give you an idea as to what one person’s rendition of the Archetypes look like. Don’t worry about gender balance, it is my intention to keep the co-ed ratio even… until stuff happens…

The Archetypes

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