The Cheerleader

The Cheerleader or perhaps more aptly, the Lucky One, is a bubbling font of optimism and joy. Perhaps he or she will be the only one cracking a grin and mouthing off jokes during the zombie apocolypse, but hey, someone has to.


There really is only one requirement for this archetype, buy Psyche to 2.


Perk: Lucky
Roll two dice instead of one for every Luck Roll.
Then add your Psyche.

Unique Perk: Kharmic Push, or “Lend Me Some Luck”
As a Standard Action, cheer on your ally. Roll a Luck Roll against a Threshold of 7 (plus or minus the Ally’s Psyche). For every MoS over 7, you add one Assist Die to that Ally. GM’s discretion applies.

Why play the Cheerleader?

This archetype has a lot of room to work with and gives a 10 point Perk for Free! And the Unique perk makes everyone’s life a little easier. The Cheerleader has a lot of potential.

A sample Cheerleader can be found here: Christine Angel

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The Cheerleader

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