The Introduction Scenario

The iconic clattering sound of an 8mm film is first heard, before the scenery of a forested township is bracketed by a black letterbox frame on the screen. It is a small town, with a movie theater, several shops, and smiling townspeople going about their normal lives. The soft, haunting song of a young woman humming wordlessly is played while the camera zooms in on a group of children playing in the streets with roller skates and hockey sticks, adults on phones talking to family and doing business, and a backwater looking sheriff in his 1970’s era police car, eating a doughnut and seemingly telling a racy joke to his gangly, young deputy.

The camera zooms in on a pair of vehicles driving out of town, up the winding country road deeper into the thick forests. A jeep and a SUV filled with college students on Summer Vacation smiling capaciously while bobbing their head to the radio and swaying the beer bottles in their hands as the cool wind runs freely through their hair.

The loud, doubled thudding of a disembodied heartbeat interrupts this idyllic, everyday, American hometown as the scene fades to black.

The camera cuts to the jarring handheld footage of bushes and trees in the failing sunlight. Someone is running for their life.

Thud thud.

Night is descending and a single small cabin emerges into view, sitting in the open field of low grass and parked cars. The porch light is on, but the windows seems to be dark.

Thud thud.

The heavy, ragged breath of the amateur cameraman as he makes one last mad dash across the seemingly long yard. He can’t help but squeal a single whimper as he hears something snarl with a man’s voice behind him.

Thud thud. Thud thud.

The camera almost slams into the wooden door and a loud clatter of him scrambling with the locked doorknob jars against your ears. “LET ME IN!” He screams in desperation. His breath is spasmatic and he sobs uncontrollably. He finally turns around to let his handheld camera’s lens take in the horror that will soon befall him.

Thud thud. Thud thud.

It is all in slow motion now. Freshly massacred corpses are staggering around, spread out haphazardly along the forest and field, over a dozen in all. They tilt their heads and twist their torsos in unnaturally quick, jerky movements and seem to recognize the vulnerability of the cameraman. The scene speeds up again as they all begin to run with wild abandon toward the cabin. The young man screams… and everything fades to black once more.

=Vicious animal-like ravaging noises=

A Cabin in the Woods

You are part of a group of friends and fellows from the State College, spending a short weekend in the country, far away from the city that has been your home for so long now. You might be the older Professor who was asked for the use of his cabin, and begrudgingly came along to both keep a friendly eye on his young wards and personal property, since experience has taught him not to trust the destructive properties of youngsters and booze. You might be the Athlete, who has plans on taking his Cheerleader friend deep into the woods later than night, because his girlfriend is being a bitch. Or you might just be the Scholar, who is burnt out over Finals and after barely passing, needs a good stretch of relaxing with pretty girls and rowdy friends.

You’ve already passed Gainesville, the small township where you bought your beer and gas from before driving the short three mile path to the Professor’s cabin. The farther you get from civilization, the less you care and eventually everyone in the car is handed a beer. One of the guys in the backseat tells a dirty joke and everyone laughs, the radio plays your favorite song. Along the way you’ve seen some trucks veer off the main road, into an unpaved valley, all loaded with heavy machinery and dour looking men.

The cabin is a small, one story thing. Immediately you wonder how your group will all fit inside, but considering the girl to guy ratio is equal and practically everyone is already tipsy, you might not care. The Cheerleader takes off her t-shirt as she hops out of the jeep, revealing a yellow bikini top and the two biggest boys in the group heft the large ice chest full of steaks and booze. Someone hooks up the propane grill and starts the fire, but you turn back and notice a flock of birds fly out of their trees and high into the sky, turning away from the encroaching darkness and racing for the fading sun.

Something wicked this way comes…

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The Introduction Scenario

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