The Metrosexual

The Metrosexual is the Social Maven of the group, and not just a pretty face to look at, though he/she is easy on the eyes. Hair styled like the models you see on magazines in the checkout line and gifted with a silver tongue, this character has lived a charmed life, so far. We shall see if this unblemished beauty will break in the face of the encroaching hordes of decaying undead.


There are three prerequisites to playing the Metrosexual. First, his or her Appearance (APP) Attribute or Influence (INF) must be at least a 1, and one of them must be a 2. Secondly, he or she must purchase Manipulate and Etiquette to skill level 2 each to represent this archetype’s social butterfly effect. Third, he or she must chose a Performance or Visual Art and Specialize in it.


Perk: Charisma 3
Adds + 15 to Social Stamina. Easier to gain an audience, like when you’re outside a boarded up stronghold and the local townsfolk won’t let you in because there are zombies coming up the road.

Perk: Influence 3
Adds + 3 to Reputation and makes it easier to attract followers in a crisis.

Perk: Savant: Performance Art or Visual Art
Multiple 5’s and 6’s add + 1 to rolls (instead of only 6’s) in the Metrosexual’s chosen Specialty Art.

Unique Perk: Hollywood Immaculate
Much like the Doin’ Fine (APP) and Hapless Cool (CHA) Knacks from Scion, no matter what state the Metrosexual finds him/herself in, this person will look stunning.

Personal Equipment

  • A garment bag full of trendy clothing made of the finest materials. A designer winter coat made of spaceage insulating fabric, well trimmed suits or dresses, and somewhat revealing activewear made to draw attention from everyone.
  • A personal grooming kit and toiletries kit with all the nice smelling trimmings.
  • A reloadable tazergun with four reloads in case of unwanted attentions.

Why play the Metrosexual?

Basically the Face, but one that is flashy and artistic, the Metrosexual is the symbol of all the trendy decadence that will soon end in the face of a zombie apocalypse. This person’s impressive social skills might not do much against a zombie intent on eating his or her pretty face, but influencing those around you to band together in the face of danger is always a plus. Not to mention, you will always look cool, no matter how epic you might fail.

A sample Metrosexual can be found here: Sylvia St. Claire

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The Metrosexual

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